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The banquet is set. A smorgasbord of 135 stories and poems beckons. Savor
tantalizing science-fiction stories of unearthly worlds. Watch as the
incredible becomes credible. See new worlds created in timeless tales of
love, romance and faith.

But there are also dark tales-of murder, revenge and ominous spirits. Some of the
stories contain twists and surprise endings. Others tell of the power of faith, prayer
and love.

You'll be carried through time and space, from worlds of dreams and imagination
and back again to the reality of today.

Evelyn Goldstein's talented, award-winning "brush" paints heartwarming and
humorous poems about every facet of life-dieting; keeping plants alive (or not);
teaching; marriage and many more.

So pull up a chair, get comfortable and prepare to be amazed, mystified, charmed and
uplifted by-A Close Brush with Life.
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ISBN: 9780595601493
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