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THE NEW WORLD MANIFESTO solemnly abrogates the old world order and establishes the New Order for the entire planet. The former apostate system of coercion, capitalism, corporate control, ownership of unused lands, endless man-made laws, ecological pollution, materialism, and spiritual degeneracy is declared to be absolutely null and utterly void. There is now a completely new direction for the survival, evolution, and success of the human species. The Planetary Council, which oversees the development of the species, is inaugurating an age of unparrelled blessings on the face of the earth through the decrees of the New World Manifesto. The New Order mandates deep non-violence, communal cooperation, free availability of all unused land, adherence to simple natural law, harmonious existence with the earth, and worldwide meditation for the collective spiritualization of the masses. The Planetary Council has established the worldwide New World Colonies Federation as the means to accomplish this Mission. Of especial benefit, free shelter is offered to all people who cooperate. The Goal of the Federation is to effect the complete renovation of the world for the New World Era. The New World Manifesto gloriously announces the New Year-Count Calendar. Year 1 N.E. [New Era] starts after Dec. 21, 2012. The remainder of the 21st century is declared to be a JUBILEE CENTURY FOR THE REDEMPTION OF ALL THE LANDS OF THE EARTH.
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