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A friend told me about a new person he'd invited over for dinner later that night. Since my friend is the world’s worst cook and hates cookbooks (too complicated and the recipes are never broken down for single serving meals) the task fell to me to help. My suggestions included everything from a roasted chicken to a stir fry. I also told him he could, a) have me prepare the meal for him, b) do take out c) starve, d) I could help him come up with a few simple recipes he could make himself in 30 minutes or less. While putting together his menu he asked me a question. ”Have you ever thought of writing a cookbook”? To which I replied, ‘if I did, it would be specifically for single people.’ And as they say “necessity is the mother of invention”. The Single Person’s Cookbook is written for anyone without a wife/husband/children or significant other to cook for. Or for anyone needing to impress a date or serve a special someone a great meal because you care. In short, it is for anyone who wants a simple, fast, elegant, low fat, (and yes, romantic) home cooked meal in minutes. Each chapter will include approximately 5-10 recipes a- piece and tips to help make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. Although, I have included measurements for these recipes as a frame of reference, I’d like to note that I rarely ever measure anything…ever. In creating a simple meal, I find that using the six senses (instinct being the sixth) are far more important and reliable than a measuring cup.
As a single man myself over 40, I'm often aware of the irony of life's little lessons (The blind date that turns out to be your ex-lover’s, ex lover). This book will not only be informative from a culinary standpoint but also offers funny little observations about getting through life as a single person of a certain age. (Think “Sex in the City” meets 30 Minute Meals from a gay man’s point of view.) The book also offers tips on fitness (I went from 232 lbs. to 165lbs in about a year) as well as ways to save money on your food bill.
Upcoming books in” The Single Person’s Cookbook” series include “Cooking from your Garden” and “Southern Cooking”.
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