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The Attitude Adjuster
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He calls himself Cavanaugh. No first name, and even “Cavanaugh” isn’t his actual last name. He’s a protector. If you refer to him as a bodyguard, which he regards as a synonym for a thug, you won’t like his reaction. His hatred of bullies compelled him to enlist in Special Forces, where he was accepted into Delta Force. Now as a civilian, he runs Global Protective Services, the world’s best security company. His goal? To defend the helpless, to keep predators from their prey.

Following Cavanaugh’s missions in The Protector and The Naked Edge, Rambo-creator David Morrell presents three short stories that explore the psychology of a warrior compelled to risk his life for strangers. “Most people muddle through their lives,” Cavanaugh tells a client. “All I can do is hope that if I keep them from dying a while longer, maybe they’ll find a way to justify remaining alive.”

In “Blue Murder,” Cavanaugh matches wits with an assassin determined to kill a bestselling female novelist. In “The Controller,” Cavanaugh and his wife, Jamie, confront the dilemma of how to protect a billionaire who refuses to take advice. In “The Attitude Adjuster,” they discover that the Internet can be as dangerous an enemy as a stalker.

For this special collection, New York Times bestselling author David Morrell includes an introduction in which he describes his training as a protective agent.

“The best thriller writer of this or any generation.”
—Providence Journal

“David Morrell has written more good thrillers than just about anyone else alive.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

"A master storyteller."
—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Bloodline


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The Attitude Adjuster

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