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David, who always wanted to be a prolific and successful writer, later found himself taking a step further to live in a hidden world where villains live and dwell. He was committing crimes and was held behind bars. He saw that the more friends he was having, the farther he was walking from his dream. Despite that addiction to crime, which almost stole his life away, he still would not relinquish his dream of becoming something he feels inclined to be—that he so believed is what he will be judged with by God when he die. He said he could see that crime can also be a product of the law and as a lack of social benefit.

A young African born into a vicious cycle of poverty in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. And because of the political situation of his country, which was on the brink of a civil war, the lack of enough financial support from his impoverished family for him to run his education—so as for him to be able to secure himself from danger by having a profession to work and live peacefully in his country. He then decided to set on a formidable journey of life, departed thence—and traveled to Europe by land, passing through the Sahara desert, which he described as the hell on earth, to Morocco, and later to Spain. Reaching Spain, he proceeded farther on his adventurous journey that altered his life and dream—only to make him discover the tragedies that later befell him and made him to send his ghost to live in the land where he was incarcerated by unending miseries, seeing his life in peril and his dreams turning into nightmares. In accordance with fact, he became less preoccupied with his own problems as he looked to the three major problems engulfing the world, which are hunger, wars, and terrorism.

He found politics more fascinating, and when he tried to ascertain the facts about it, he grasped that it was greed, power, and lust that were written in their agendas, and it was disturbing his faith and beliefs in humanity. He thought he could see how he chose to forbid love and embrace enmities and conflicts; he said he could see that if men cannot make a sacrifice to love their neighbors, they will find themselves paying prices for destroying each other.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466948099
List price: $3.99
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