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This book presents and analyses two basic assertions

• Life in the 21st century is threatened by an unprecedented global crisis, which is the
result of the exponential increase in the impact of human activity on the earth.

• Properly understood, the Christian concept of Creation and of human relationships
based on God’s Covenant, off er the clearest light on the meaning and nature of, and eff ective
response to, the crisis, and the most realistic Hope for the future.

It owes much to James Lovelock, the originator of the concept of Gaia - the earth seen as
a single coherent living interlocking system - who challenges those of faith to develop “a
theology of creation that could include Gaia. Recognise that human rights and needs are not enough; those with faith could accept the Earth as part of God’s creation and be troubled by its desecration.

”This book is written to accept that challenge.

This Book owes much to the Churches’ “Vision 21” Group in Scotland, both in its development and making, and in support for its publication.

Rated Four Stars (out of Five) by Foreword Clarion Review

“If the news media is to be believed, science and religion can never agree about global warming and humanity’s role in climate change. However, Kenyon Wright, who has spent decades studying both perspectives, points to some common ground in Cosmic Crisis and Creation: The Search for Meaning, a well-researched exploration of the issues… Cosmic Crisis and Creation offers a rich tapestry of thought on how humanity has managed its relationships… At once realistic and hopeful, this book can serve as an excellent starting point for productive discussions about Earth’s future.” —Foreword Clarion Review

“(The author) Wright has drafted an informative, emboldened call to action for unity in matters
of reason and faith… Wright’s book is a fast, but important read. It serves as a fin introduction to the pattern of economic growth known as sustained development, which champions the fulfi llment of the needs of the current generation without damaging future generations… Yet, while our present state may seem grim, Wright never falls into melodramatic pessimism. His message is optimistic. He believes wholeheartedly that the Christian faith can make all things new again...” —BlueInk Review, July 2012

“Wright analyzes global ecological collapse from a Christian theological perspective. The link between the environmental movement and Christianity hasn’t always been a strong one. But in his fi rst book, Wright traces the connection between Christian teaching on Creation and the commitment to environmental stewardship it implies. His brief, thoughtful argument for theological activism contributes to the growing voice of the Christian left...” —Kirkus Reviews, May 2012
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