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Given the current zeitgeist, the actualization of 21st Century ministry has increasingly become a daunting enterprise.The confluence of the intellectual, moral, and cultural tenor of the times causes us to examine the assessment of ministry motives. We must ask ourselves What is our priority? Style or substance? Conviction or compromise? Have too many preachers augmented their authenticity, gyped themselves of their genuineness, and become maligned by misguided motives?
Such is the delineation and discourse so denoted and unearthed by the dynamism of Dr. Aaron Chapman. Pastor. Preacher. Professor. Proclaimer. Prognosticator. Par Excellence. His keen insight into the very heart and soul of the 21st Century preacher arrests our attention and mandates a new set of marching orders. Dr. Chapman is a bonafide scholar who didactically leads us into a new dimension of legitimacy. Ethics are no longer situational. Commitment is no longer in question. The preacher is challenged, not just in skill, but in will; not just in the art, but in the heart. Dr. Chapman reminds us that mere theological technique and ontological expository without lifestyle application may sound sweet to the itching ear, but woefully inadequate for the credence of the craft. Simply put, the preacher must have a transparent authenticity. The preacher must have a spirit of sincerity.
It is that passion, that zest, that sense of purpose that must personify the 21st Century preacher.”Pulpit-Ready”, yet personally grounded.The hope of this comprehensive work is that the challenge to the called and chosen remains a high and spiritual standard. This book will be a benchmark for this generation and the next. Dr. Aaron Chapman has set the bar.
Bishop Edgar L. Vann II, Second Ebenezer ChurchPresiding Prelate, Kingdom Alliance Covenant Fellowship
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ISBN: 9781449761882
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