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Secret Societies of the Middle Ages

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This is Thomas Keightley's history of three secret societies of the Middle Ages: the Assassins, the Templars and the Fehmgerichte. A well-researched and detailed work on secret societies, Keightley gives a rather contemporary view, and with Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code bringing secret societies to the attention of modern audiences over recent years, this ebook is even more interesting to readers today.The Assassins chapter begins by introducing the state of the world in the Seventh Century, a brief history of Islam, and Keightley then goes on to discuss many of the influential members, as well as the organisation of the society. In the chapter on The Templars, Keightley is critical of Medieval Christianity, and the Christian thought which fueled the Crusades. Keightley presents an interesting case for the respect and bravery of the Templars and their unjust trial and subsequent dissolution. The chapter introduces the Templars, their heroism, the classes of the Templars and provinces. The shorter final chapter on The Secret Tribunals of Westphalia is perhaps the most interesting through examining this little-known group which helped to preserve order during a period of chaos in Germany in the 14th and 15th centuries.The Paranormal, the new ebook series from F&W Media International Ltd, resurrecting rare titles, classic publications and out-of-print texts, as well as new ebook titles on the supernatural - other-worldly books for the digital age. The series includes a range of paranormal subjects from angels, fairies and UFOs to near-death experiences, vampires, ghosts and witchcraft.

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