“Remembering to rely upon our Father—remembering to find answers and solace in the Word is something we instantaneously turn to when bombarded with hopeless situations. Wait...or do we? I don’t always…incredibly I don’t always. I get so focused on the problem I do need a reminder to remember to refocus on truth.”Tablets are memories of God’s faithfulness in my life. Memories of how He stretched down to reach me, teach me...rescue me. There are no deeply intellectual-spiritual concepts introduced...just reminders of how incredible is our God...truths from my yesterdays that I draw strength from today, building faith to walk out my tomorrows. If God does the incredible for one...He does for all. I firmly believe that I was chosen to share this simple...yet dynamic concept because I am in the worst of the worst to need it. This instruction fromGod was introduced early in the Old Testament when man began the grumbling that led to faithlessness. The growing madness in our world distracts, depresses, and dissuades remembering Whose we are. A revival of the use of a reminder to remember is imperative within the body of Christ today!
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