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The Socialists take from the Rich and give to the Poor and the Elites become the Masters of our Universe. The Elites are usually very charismatic and successfully influence the masses by giving good speeches. They seduce our children into believing there is no God, that there is no right or wrong, and that everything is grey.
In this political environment, our children do not question President Obama’s ties to William Ayers of the terrorist group, the Weather Underground, whom he describes as a mentor; or his vote for Abortion-on-Demand, which was far to the Left of Hillary Clinton. Nor do they challenge the negative attacks on Michelle Bachman who raised 23 foster children and yet is described as a bad person. Together, we are on a path to godlessness if no one stops the Elites from demeaning Christian ministers as old-school, superstitious dinosaurs, who are merely relics from antiquity!
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