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Controversy, passion, and a totally new Hispanic viewpoint is what Raoul Lowery Contreras brought to more than 200 American newspapers in 1988 when Washington, D.C.'s Hispanic Link distributed his inaugural columns.
Contreras was, and is, so controversial and passionate that his views draw pain, rage and disbelief from the "fruited plain." He has been called an agent provocateur, a racist, a hater of Blacks, a hater of Whites, a hater of Chicanos, a paid agent of the CIA, a Sandinista Communist, a criminal, a traitor, a sellout, and, unbelievably, a "coconut-Brown on the outside, White on the inside."
That's just from his family.
The columns in this collection were published at between 1998 and 2002, causing apoplexy among the people written about, and among others, because of the vital issues that Contreras brings to the surface.
American politics are changing because of the huge growth of the Hispanic population. The status quo is being discarded by this new Hispanic paradigm, and Contreras is there, bringing it forth for the world to see.
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