On a cold, snowy day in 1991 as R. G. Thomas, his wife, and young son traveled to go Christmas shopping, their car rounded a curve in the road, revealing a horrific car accident. After Thomas stopped to assist in any way he could, he felt helpless as he watched a nurse expertly attend to the unconscious driver and other passengers. If only I could do something, he thought to himself. In a matter of minutes, the course of Thomas’s life had changed forever. After he witnessed the gruesome car crash, Thomas decided to train to become an EMT. While the work was rewarding, it was not long before Thomas craved something more and enrolled in school to become a flight nurse. He embarked on a journey that took him down a path of challenging tests, both academically and personally. In this memoir, Thomas reveals how he battled insecurities and fears, soon discovering the emotional roller coaster ride nurses must take while training and caring for a variety of patients.I Should Have Been a Teacher provides an eye-opening glimpse into the unpredictable life of a nurse, the emergency room, and all those who have a dream of making society better by making it their life’s mission to care for the injured, sick, and dying.
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