Last Call of the Gods
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What if one night you are sitting at a bar and suddenly realize the person sitting next to you is Jesus Christ? After the initial shock and awe, what questions would you ask Him? What would be his views on the current affairs of the world? And what personal advice might He have for you? In Last Call of The Gods, a man in search of meaning to life's great mysteries quits his job, sells his house and embarks on a cross-country journey of discovery. One night, sitting alone in a small bar in the remote Wyoming wilderness, Jesus suddenly appears - and no one else in the bar seems to notice! Soon they are joined by Muhammad and Moses, who are also lamenting similar woes about the current state of the world over drinks and games of pool. The story takes a humorous turn when the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, arrives on the scene and launches a skeptical psychoanalysis of the religious icons. As the evening progresses, an eclectic array of inspirational legends appear, including Buddha, Kahlil Gibran, Louis Armstrong, Albert Einstein, professional wrestling legend Classy Freddie Blassie and the illustrious baseball icon Babe Ruth. And it is then that the narrator realizes the true purpose for the presence of the Holy Ones, who impart great eternal wisdom and reveal a Divine Revelation, one that preaches hope, love and optimism. It is in this universal message, one that resonates with each and every human being regardless of race, creed and religious persuasion, that he finds a meaningful purpose for living. Provocative, playful, witty and ultimately inspiring, the beautiful messages contained in this story are both timely and timeless.
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