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Ultimately the only eyes we see the world from are our own;
granting license to anyone ot anything else to distort your
vision is a terrible disservice to ones self. Too often though,
that's exactly what we do. How many of your own views are
really your own? Can you explain why you have the prejudices
you do, or why some things inexplicably invoke anger, or fear,
or shame in you?

god, money & wisdom is my own way of saying I don't think
we should be satisfied with life and the world as they've been
explained to us. We mustn't let ourselves be pigeon holed into
buying versions of reality as people and groups with highly
suspect credentials of authenticity put them to us.

All the stories are fictional. There is no more truth in these
pages than you'll find anyplace other than in your own heart. If
you've been looking for the answers to your life's question
someplace else, then just give up because you are destined to
fail. The only thing anyone else can offer you is some ideas
that may amuse, anger or provoke you to re-visit some of you
own perceptions.

my confession is just as it sounds. An attempt to look back
with an objective eye on the path my life has taken so far, and
fairly review the good and bad of who and what I am. Forgive
the first person narrative as an amateurish first effort at
putting pen to paper. Some time you can by me a drink and
I'll happily listen to your life story as retribution for making you
read mine.

the 2nd greatest story ever told is a work of fiction detailing
another perspective on the story of Jesus. A polytheist myself
(read as: I believe there are an infinite number of equally valid
paths all leading to one god), I elected to use the Christian
faith as the backdrop of 2nd greatest. I did this not to attack
popular Christian dogma, but because the content is widely
recognizable in North America; I could just have easily picked
the tales of Mohammed, Moses or Buddha. I suspect the story
for one reason or another will offend some readers. I would
just ask you to remember it is a work of fiction and not a

Many people throughout my life have told me I should run for
political office one day (fat chance, I have no stomach for
bureaucracy). lights, camera, reaction is my own fantastical
accounting of hust how I might approach garnering a life in
politics should the world ever reach a point where a mans
words and intent are enough to judge him by. A fantasy of what
my beloved Canada could one day be, lights was envisioned in
my own mind as a short screenplay; think MTV meets West
Wing. The capitalization of 'We' through out is intended.
Interpret as you like.

gods at play, I will tell you plainly, has to do the massive
conflict that the eastern and western worlds are currently
locked in; you may recognize a couple of the children in the
story. As a pacifist and genuine fan of every person I have
ever met, it rips my heart in two whenever I think about the
senseless hatred and violence that our planet finds its self
embroiled in. This story, (think Henry Fonda starring in an after
school special), is meant as a quiet, simple plea at a time when
the rhetoric of war and hatred is being used as a tool of
political and religious conquest.

I mentioned I was a pacifist but that is not strictly true; I
aggressively oppose all forms of bullying. Though bullies are all
cowards at heart some are more difficult to handle than others
because the oppression they bring to bear isn't physical, it's
social. Bullying also finds it self routinely practiced in the
development and application of political, and economic policy.
Society justifies that sort of decision-making by saying it's for
'the greater good'.

I guess how you feel about the greater good depends on if you're
included in it.

Take a good look at your own kids and know that, right now, a
bully in a suit is deciding wh
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