The cover gives the game away…I attempt to provoke YOU, the reader, to identify your “free birth gifted” qualities and use them constructively in contributing positively to the evolution of our Democracy. Like YOU I’m an ordinary person but who believes in the responsibility of “making best use” of our unique individuality. Every day events provide the “kick off” base for my considered and at times emotional opinions. My “stumbling format”, a touch grammarless!…replicates the sought of exchanges we all get involved in during a working day and the evening session down the pub, or over a glass of “dry white” at the local Italian or in family situations. I do not set out to instruct but do intend to provoke, I do have something to say! Your reaction will hopefully seek out your latent individual skills in facing up to taking on the responsibility of being the individual YOU are. It does not attempt to isolate in order to identify your “individualism” quite the reverse it encourages working together “through your individuality. We all have a significant contribution to make should we wish to do so, but our democratic management systems and big businesses and the media tend to rest this responsibility from us in order they can influence and control in securing positive “balance sheet” performance. Under such influence we tend to forfeit our individuality as the pace of life and its associated avalanche of information absorbs a greater and greater amount of our time. We consider less in depth…our views reflect almost identically the press headline and TV contestants become high earning celebrities for little invested effort. We increasingly become “pawns” in their game as even more bureaucracy suffocates what little individuality we have left. Our lust for recognition of “superficial” power and “valueless” money appears to prevail…welcome DemocraZy!
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