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You are never going to be perfect.
I am never going to be perfect.
Perfection is not attainable.
Happiness is always transient.
Makes you want to give up already.
Then, as if life isn’t difficult enough, neuroscience reveals our brains are wired from birth toward negative thinking. Negative thinking helps us expect and see danger because we know it’s out there, which aids our survival. Unfortunately, negative thinking also makes us miserable; but, we do it so often, we are experts in manufacturing our self created misery.
You know this: If you do something often enough, you’re going to get really, really good at it. No wonder we are experts when it comes to seeing “the glass is only half full.” Our negative circuits are always busy!
Why try, right?
The answer is, you should try. Life is short. While you are here, you want to enjoy as much of your life as you can.

Have a new book, MIND GAMES, and you'll see it here, soon. If you follow my novels, you're probably expecting another mystery suspense. This time you get nonfiction. Not just any nonfiction, this one hits your personal refresh button and you'll be better off for the experience. Sounds like magic? It's better than magic because it works on pure science (which means it works). Using your brain's anatomy and physiology (chemistry), each assignment compassionately walks with you to completion (28 days to a better you). Ruts in your day have bogged you down and kept you stuck in the mud. This book throws you a rope, tows you out, and puts those muddy roads in the rear view mirror. You'll have the necessary skills in your new mental health tool box to keep your days refreshed. Know others who could use this? Add a few extra books to your order. If you've ever spent thousands of dollars on workshops, therapy and self help books, and still don't know how to feel better, you need this book. The tricks are easy. Your brain plays them on you all the time. Now you can play to win MIND GAMES.
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