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Can one animal, a golden stallion, change the identity and future of a band of nomads?
Can one valued possession in fair exchange for another bring success to the traders? Or is murder usually the result of the envy and hatred engendered by coveted treasures?
A Child of Promise concerns the growth of a child, considered a gift and miracle from God, and how his life brings a historical cycle of violence and murder to a resolution and perhaps redemption.
Entering the world during a violent storm, Kaya is named by his dying mother; lost to his Chipchak tribe during a Tartar raid; nurtured in the cave of a bear; disciplined in the school of the hermit and released into a world of enemies. How will he overcome?
Does exile and rejection result in alienation and retaliation or to acceptance and love? The Yuzbasha, leader of a hundred, becomes Ahjit, the hungry one of the caravan trails.
Set in an environment radically different from our own age, and under different yet universal danger to the world and civilization by the Huns, the child of promise succeeds where others might fail to bring light from the past to illuminate the future and save the present.
Is Prophecy an act of God, which He fulfills? Or rather, an act of faith requiring self-fulfillment? Do people hear that which they wish to believe and commence to make it so? A Child of Promise deals with the joys and burdens of assumed truth and suggested fulfillments. It traces, in an event-filled world, the focus of self-fulfilling assumptions about ourselves and our perceived destinies. Do individuals try to live out the kind of life everyone assumed they will have?
Do we somehow alter a child to our future needs as a society? Will there be a child of promise for tomorrow's needs?

The Golden Stallion series: now, A Child of Promise
Tomorrow: A Questing Stranger
Finally: A Hero's Return

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