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Peaceful Separation, Peaceful Divorce is a source of strength and a guide for those making a transition from separation and divorce to creating peace and harmony in their lives.”
Deepak Chopra
Author, Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment

“Peaceful Separation, Peaceful Divorce offers a conscious roadmap through transition, reminding us that no relationship ends, it merely changes form. Having Heather as your navigator will smooth your journey and ensure that you arrive safely as your new self.”
David Simon, M.D.
Author, Free to Love, Free to Heal

“Heather Frenner is a true spiritual teacher. In Peaceful Separation, Peaceful Divorce, Heather’s wisdom will touch your soul and give you a change in perspective. Her suggested daily rituals will equip you to face the experiences of separation and/or divorce with gentleness in your heart. As you read Peaceful Separation, Peaceful Divorce it will become impossible not to experience divine grace.”
Robin Alexis
Author of Robin Song, Treasure Your Soul’s Wisdom, and Raising Humanity.
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ISBN: 9781467870740
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