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I'm Getting Married! is designed to help engaged couples prepare their respective hearts for the greatest calling and adventure they will ever experience! Marriage mentors and counselors Jim & Barbara Grunseth are not so interested in helping with all the little 'time line' planning details. Rather, they want to help these couples search their hearts, coach them, and help them learn to fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author of Marriage. If they do that, He will work out all the rest.

Sections of the material in this book are adapted from some of our other published writings such as Remember the Rowboats: Anchor your Marriage to Christ, Home to Home: Passing on Five Cornerstones of Christian Marriage, and Embracing the Truth: Understanding the Eight Keys to Christian Living.

From the book's table of contents, you can see the crux of what these engaged couples will learn:

You Want Me to Pilot a 747 Jet? When?
Don't Get Married!
Study your Fiance's Family Carefully!
Finances - A Blessing or a Curse?
Learn what Your Future Mate Needs
Seven Glues
Manage the Ramp Up to Your Wedding Day
What Is Best For Your Upcoming Marriage Will Be Best for Your Family, In-Laws, Church, Work, & Community
The Devil's Plan for Your Engagement
Learn to Resolve Conflict Before You Reach the Altar
"Hesed" Your Future Mate No Matter What
"I'm Getting Married!" Freedom Exercise
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