Energetic Processes, Volume II offers amazing articles on vibrational medicine, biophotons, scalars, reversing blindness, effects of intention, ether energy, homeopathy, crystal energy, prayer, and nonlocal biocommunications.

“Visionary scientists and Nobel laureates … have declared that the most profound challenge to science in this century is human consciousness, the processes by which humans transact with the energy fields and happenings of the universe. It is no longer acceptable to relegate the dynamic complexity of human consciousness to philosophers. We dedicated, disciplined scientists who work only with rigorous facts must move forward with new research explorations, like these presented in this book. I salute the researchers and editors who present these startling facts to the world to lead us onward.”

Valerie V. Hunt, Ph.D., Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Physiological Science UCLA, Director BioEnergy Fields Laboratory

"I've been interested in radionics since my college days in electrical engineering, but haven't had the opportunity to follow up with any systematic research. I'm in the position to do that now, and am now open to collaborations as a result of reading this material."

Dean Radin, PhD, Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

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