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My Life As I Remember It
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My life has been an interesting succession of unusual events. These events were for the most part unplanned and beyond my control literally since my birth forty something years ago. I wanted to share my experiences both as a legacy for my children, and other readers of all ages who will find some of the chapters to be familiar. Each chapter is self-contained and in chronological order based on my life. I am the common thread that holds the story together.
If you have not experienced the things I have, you probably know someone who has. Maybe you are not old enough yet or just do not want to talk about it. Have you been or dealt with a rebellious child, felt unwanted or pressured into things you did not want to do? Did you take a road trip from hell or go “home” for the holidays? Have your siblings had anorexia or accused each other of incest? I have experienced these situations as well as dealing with unplanned pregnancies, moving from the Midwest to New York City, losing both adoptive parents (one was a suicide), being found on the internet by my birth mother, finding my birth father, and being abused by my own son. There is even a chapter dedicated to my dog. And much more…J
Pick a chapter to share in my life or read the whole book. It is your choice and I hope you enjoy the adventure, or at least find it mildly entertaining. My life could be described in many ways but the word “dull” does not apply.
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