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This ebook sampler is packed with affirmations that will help you manifest greater financial prosperity in your life.

All of the affirmations come from 'Keep Calm and Use an Affirmation', our newest affirmation book.

Featuring a collection of original and timeless affirmations from Louise L. Hay and a range of leading Hay House UK authors, all affirmations contained within these pages will help you to keep calm and use an affirmation to...

1. Love Your Work
2. Harmonise Your Home
3. Experience More Love
4. Flow Gracefully with Change
5. Boost Self-Esteem
6. Manifest Financial Prosperity
7. Heal Your Body
8. Forgive Yourself and Others
9. Connect to Spirit

Use this book to start and strengthen your own daily affirmation practice, or refer to it as needed and harness the power of affirmations to uplift and transform all areas of your life. The huge power within these affirmations will propel you forward to a much more joyful experience in any area of your life that you choose to target.

Keep Calm and Use an Affirmation also works perfectly as an 'answer book': simply hold the book in your hand, ask a question, and open to connect to your inner wisdom and receive guidance from spirit on the issue at hand... it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Hay House UK will donate 50% of the proceeds earned from the sale of this book to the Hay Foundation.
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