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Don't wait for your relationship to be in shambles before you seek relationship assistance. By reading Love Can Last, you and your partner will be able to get on the same page and succeed in your relationship. This book will even help couples that already have a good relationship.

When we grow up, there is no relationship 101. We have to learn about relationships from watching our parents and their risky, trial-and-error approach. When we choose our partners, we are essentially taking a gamble that they are the one with whom we belong. By loving them we are gently placing our heart, mind, body, and soul in their hands. We can only hope that they will love and respect us enough to keep us safe from unnecessary heartache and stress. We can better prepare them for handling our emotions if we prepare ourselves for how we want to interact with our partner.

This book will help you and your partner get on the same page in your relationship. These important topics in Love Can Last will help shift your perspective, so that each of you can take more responsibility for the way that your relationship works. Both partners have the power to steer the relationship clear of the pitfalls that lead straight to divorce. By reading Love Can Last, you will be able to incorporate key elements into your relationship that will help you get through tough times and strengthen the foundation of your relationship, making you stand stronger together for many years to come. By realizing that God is there for you both and to help keep others from interfering in your relationship, you will stand united in your quest to keep your partner happy. If you can forget about the concept that a relationship is 50-50 and give 100 percent to your partner, you will see a huge difference with how you treat each other.
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