Secrets of the Unknown God
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From the Publisher

Secrets of the unknown God was purposely written to help the seekers discover the mysteries of the Bible and God’s universe. Although my teachings are not of the physical world, these mysteries have to be revealed to all seekers before they will understand what their journey is. These are some of the most frequently asked questions we will discuss in my book.
1) Why do babies pass on before the parents do and who was the spirit inside my baby that I never got to know?
2) Is the spirit and soul the same entity?
3) What is the rule of karma/sin and how do we escape the darkness?
4) How are spirits reincarnated?
5) Do animals have a spirit?
6) The human; the most advanced animal of God’s physical creation.
7) Man is not human, God is not man.
8) Do we have free will?
9) How do I pray and meditate the Christian way?
10) Will the world come to an end, and when?
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