Dr. Imadaldin Al-Jubouri was born on Monday morning in 28-12-1953 where the flood just began in Baghdad, which is known as flood of 1954, therefore, the author registration was March 4, 1954. He brought up in Baghdad where finished his education, a British citizen of Iraqi origin. He completed his high degrees in Greenwich compass college in 1990. A father of three daughters from his relative wife Abir, fulltime writer and translator, he published many articles and studies in several Arabic and English newspapers, journals and magazines, such as Al-Arab International, Ad-Dustor, Azzaman, Philosophy Now, ProQuest Information and Learning, in London, New York, Beirut, Amman and Baghdad. Further to his entertained in some Arabic satellite channels, such as ANN, Nile, Alrafidain, Almustakillah and Alhiwar in London and Cairo.
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