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This book was instigated by my lovely wife, Joanne, and my best friend, John. They kept telling me how proud they were of me and I wasn't quite sure how to respond. Quite honestly, I wasn't even thinking about what I had accomplished since the premature death of my parents. I had not realized that I was up against some pretty strong odds as a fifteen year old orphan. Losing a parent as a young teen is heartbreaking. Losing parents as a young teen is heart-wrenching. You instantly lose that link back to your childhood. Still to this day when the wife and I share stories with one of our children about something that occurred when they were very young it brings a tear to my eyes. I have lost my connection with my youth. One does have choices to make as they deal with life’s realities and that is what is behind this book. Don't EVER GIVE UP even if it is you against the world. Yes, my life was changed by the early death of my parents and it takes time and healing to move on, but take responsibility for your life. You have options and many will lead you to the road of destruction.Take the high road and show the world what you can do. Make the moment the positive turning point in your life vs. the excuse for failure. Your life may be impacted by a magnitude of negative influences and my advice is to hit them straight on. Don't let them bring you down. Don't let anyone convince you that drugs and alcohol and sexual encounters and the sensationalism of the almighty dollar is your road to happiness. The strong will survive and the weak will wither in the fields and remain dependents on family and government forever. Don’t let that be you. I hope that YOU NEVER GIVE UP and look back on those past setbacks with a grin on your face because you have overcome them and made a better life for yourself and those around you. Good Luck on your Journey and I hope that my story gives you some inspiration to overcome the odds, no matter how stacked they appear to be.
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