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In this heartfelt memoir, April goes
into great detail about the physical,
psychological, and sexual abuse she
and her young siblings suffered at
the hands of their father. At the
age of three, April was tortured,
beaten, belittled, and abused by her
alcoholic, and drug addicted father:
a father who beat, and played mind
games-games that left her fearing for
her life. She learned how to survive
by silence and silence alone.
April slept in a corner in her
bedroom, her clothes raunchy with
urine. April did everything she could
to be a good girl so her father would
love her, but all she got in return was
a beating to reassure her father she
would remain silent and not speak
a word to anyone. No other family
member knew of the abuse April
was suffering nor did they care.
April had no one to turn to; all she
had was her prayers, prayers that her
father would fi nd her a good child
and love her.
This memoir will walk you through
each struggle as April fi ghts for love
and happiness and survival. This
memoir speaks the truth about child
abuse-and the choices we are all
faced in order to survive.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781479748259
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