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Amethyst, the Ogre Witch-Queen, seeks to enslave Jacob, last of the Foresters, and usurp his powers. He obtains the aid of the Seers receiving a new staff with the power to defeat her.
Hamill, least experienced of the seers, is charged with the task of gathering support from the dwarves and others. Darkness covers the land; violent storms and sickness strike at the heart of the Yield preventing former allies sending aid. Hamill turns to his friend, Jon and together they travel north to the Mountain City of the Colossi. Javelin, Archer and Trapper, three of the dwarves who fought with them against Ebon, rally to their cause, along with Braun, the Metal-master.
This brave little band head south to meet the forester but Hamill did not count on having to battle with his feelings for Sylvia, an elf from the Ward who travels with them to Winters Hold.
The journey is fraught with danger as they encounter opposition at every turn. Separated, they are captured by the ogres but Sylvia's ingenuity enables them to escape only for Hamill and the dwarves to fall foul of a trap.
Facing Amethyst at last they challenge her in a combined effort; she summons the power that has lain dormant within her; a power that would have consequences for them all.
Witness their struggles as they battle for the safety of the land and all who dwell in it.
Will they finally subdue Amethyst saving them from a new dark age or will she become Witch-Queen over the land?
Part two of the Golden Tome takes you on a breathtaking journey equal to the first. With your favorite characters from part one, `Time Will Tell', it will have you spellbound and yearning for more.
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