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Murder and Mayhem on the California Trails
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A man wakes up on a mountain trail, but he doesn’t know his own name. There’s blood on his head, but he doesn’t remember how he hurt himself. Strangely, in the middle of the wilderness, he is found by a domesticated dog, who leads him to a house. The confused man finds an unwelcome surprise where he had hoped to find some answers: signs of a struggle and a dead body hidden behind a mattress.
A man named Sandy arrives, calling for his friend Ozzie. The man with no memory can only assume Ozzie is the dead man, and, with Sandy’s help, the nameless earns a nickname: Sonny. Sonny and Sandy discuss the mystery at hand. There isn’t much time to talk, though, when they find themselves under fire from an unknown enemy. In the California mountains, it could be from a nearby camp of Latino illegal aliens, or it could be members of a radical Islamic training camp—who have recently targeted the Latinos for elimination.
Homeland Security is called in, most notably Ozzie’s daughter, Agent Kayla Osborne. She enlists the help of amnesiac Sonny. Soon, one of the nearby camps is bombed with tragic consequence. Sonny and Kayla take Candy, a young girl orphaned by the blast, under protection, but soon they’ll all need protection as a domestic war threatens between terrorists and the California National Guard.
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