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Ten Degrees Hotter Than Hell
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Detective Nicole Fox has one of the hardest cases of her career. She works on the case of a man brutally murdered and thrown into a dumpster behind a Phoenix, Arizona Circle K convenience store. In the dumpster there was plenty of DNA and finger prints galore from hundreds of people who had been in or around the store that day, but none of them could be- long to the killer. The murder became known as the “Dumpster Killing.” The brutality of the killing had the entire city of Phoenix, Arizona on edge.


Nicole and her team canvassed Phoenix and neighboring cities relentlessly for a clue that could lead them to this vicious killer.

Then a call from a Chicago, Illinois detective gives Nicole and her team their first big break in the case. Nicole books a flight to Chicago to meet with the detective who may have found the hired muscle who did the killing in Phoenix.

The trip leads Nicole to a dangerous gun battle in a seedy bar on the South side of Chicago.

The trip to Chicago also involves Nicole in a sexual encounter that she never saw coming.

“I loved the characters in this book. It is an easy story to follow and so emotional.”
Eileen Baker Glendale, Arizona

“I loved it. It’s an easy read and not a lot of product names I couldn’t pronounce or had never heard of before.”
Dan Hunter Sun City, Arizona

“I especially like the bond between the two female lead characters. The way the author describes then I can totally see how they could take their relationship into a sexual encounter’.”
Janet Fry Phoenix, Arizona

“I enjoyed it very much. The characters feelings for each other and their willingness to always be there for each other no matter is what I really liked. We need more of this in real life.”
Ryan Jones Tempe, Arizona

“I thought for a male author he captured the female point of view very well. I really liked the sexual experiment between Nicole and Michelle. I felt it was very arousing yet very tastefully done. I didn’t feel like I had to take a shower after I read it. I think this book is destined to be a best seller.”
Ester Long Mesa, Arizona

“I really enjoyed this book, especially the raw emotion. I like the characters and the way they interact with each other. I would recommend this book to anyone.”
James Patterson Chandler, Arizona

“I really enjoyed this book so much. I loved the characters and their relationship to each other. It seemed to me like an original story. I have never read anything like it before.”
Dianne Fletcher Carefree, Arizona
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Ten Degrees Hotter Than Hell - Donald L. Rost

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