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Throughout the centuries, man has interpreted the Bible in a variety of ways. In some instances, it was for personal gain or power. This has resulted in sin in every segment of society and a skewering of the message God intended to send to His people through his Word.

Provocative and eye-opening, God’s Nine and Moses’s One Commandments offers an intriguing interpretation of why man has decided to corrupt God’s holy word for his own base needs. Author Rubye C. Wright shows why men, motivated by greed, have historically assumed that each knows better than God what is best for all of God’s people. Beginning with Adam and Eve, Wright contends how the events recorded in the Bible have been changed to suit man’s own purposes.

Wright breaks down each of the Ten Commandments and reveals how men of power have broken them time and time again, even when they believed they were doing God’s work. She also charges that men of God, including Moses and Joshua, explicitly went against God’s instructions and were thus not worthy of their chosen roles as leaders of God’s people.

This hard-hitting study pulls no punches and offers a thought-provoking narrative on the Ten Commandments.
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