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Gaines Bradford Jackson is a man with a mission: To expose the waste and fraud that permeates the U.S. government and its system of tort liability as it has grown up over the past two hundred years in the United States of America and how the self-regulated American Judiciary has encouraged and allowed such to take place. How the volunteer no-pay statesman in government has evolved into a crafty career politician aiming to get rich and powerful quick with no intentions of leaving governmental service. In Jackson’s view that gradual stealing of Americans civil liberties and civil rights and personal freedoms supposedly guaranteed by the American Constitution is the direct results of the Judiciary being out of control due to self-regulation. This out of control comes from too many lawyers in government, seedy judicial review boards, bar associations with no teeth, non-suing of lawyers in certain cases, and life-time appointments of Supreme Court Justices (both on the state and federal levels) that are out of touch with reality and make very bad decisions knowing they cannot be fired. The slow and insidious changing of the U.S. government from a republic, to a democracy, to finally a socialistic big money Oligarchy (maybe even a police state in the false name of terrorism) is pointed out in this book as personal freedoms are continually being eroded and the American Constitution is constantly being desecrated by its own governmental officials. Dr. Jackson is an indefatigable researcher and career college engineer science instructor of Science and Mathematics who understands the keys to unlocking the secrets of bad government and sees the evils in the self-regulated judicial system in the United States of America. What is truly striking about this book is not just the massive amount of evidence presented and completely documented information but the tenacity with which the author tracks down just about every scrap of available evidence on a particular problem and melds it into a compelling narrative that reads as a coherent whole – scary huh. Anyone who reads this book will quickly conclude that the run-away Judiciary and governmental changes belongs on the national agenda to save American civil liberties and civil rights (activities in the past may borderline as being subversive to the American way of life). With knowledge presented in this book (in particular the forty recommended changes suggested in the last chapter) that hopefully peaceful change will come about by intelligent and informed Americans in positions of authority.
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