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Finding your Native American Ancestors
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The environmental disaster of the Dust Bowl which turned days to nights in the far of cities of New York and Washington D.C. for Oklahoma tore families apart sending survivors to all corners of the country.
For many people now trying to find their lost relatives and ancestors from Oklahoma the task is often more difficult than they expected.
This is a compilation of my research of the Native American part of my families roots. Not only do I present my findings in their historical context but also where and how I looked to find them. I detailed the members of my family from the early 1700’s to the present. A history you don’t see in the school books that has fascinated me from little on.
For those trying to find more about their Native American roots or those simply interested in American History from the Native American point of view this book is invaluable.
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Finding your Native American Ancestors - Guy (Red Corn) Nixon

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