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Author’s warning: this murder mystery story has three alternative endings.
Because one joke can be told so many different ways

This is a murder mystery about comedians killing comedians where everybody dies laughing.
That’s just a joke, but it’s sort of true…

From the action movies Bong and its sequel Bong and Blow.
From the vampire spoof movie Dracula In Africa.
And from the blockbuster The Destructive Dragon
Are the actors…
Starring on the TV medical comedy Doctor Oops

Getting roasted is actor Hollywood train wreck Skyler Moon
Coming to this roast are the stereotypical comics
that you wouldn’t mind whacking yourself.

The ex wife: Abigail London
The country man: Grits McGravy
The Asian woman with the Asian jokes: Cha China
The black man with the black jokes: Bobby Black
The ventriloquist: Quiss Van Splinters
The Botox bumblebee: Nancy Needle
The old dog: Walter Wrinkles

For they should have seen it coming;
The producer of the roast is named
U.R. Finished
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781479747900
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