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Not in Water nor in Sand

54 pages


In "Not in Water nor in Sand," the author recounts how she learned facts about the disapperance of a youg girl Natalee Holloway in June 2005.
The Author was just an ordinary person who, like many order, experieced blessed and trouble times. Howerver, in all she had gone through she held on
to her faith and surely, God never failed. Little did she know that God had other unexpected plans for her in her adult years. As the author drew closer to
God, she starded having visions, visitation, and revelations.

In this manuscipt, the author recounts how she became involved with the case of Natalee Holloway, who had mysteriously disappeared in the Island of
Aruba in 2005. After watching the news of her disappearance, the author had visions of the whereabouts of young girl, as if God had a plan for this mystery
to be solve. She did all she can to help, but because of unexpected human interventions, her efforts were put to waste. The author, however, believed that in
God's time, "everything that is now in darkness will be brought out to the light." "Not in Water nor in Sand" will appeal to all readers interested in the testimony
of God's power and intervention.

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