Th e Nine Lives of Julius is the untold true story of a young man whose life
was forever changed by World War II and its aftermath. Th is is a tale of
survival, friendship, and love.
As a teenager, Julius was taken by the Nazis to work in a labor camp outside
of Auschwitz.
After escaping the labor camp, he joined the Czech underground where he
fought against the Nazis during the Czech uprising.
After the war, the communists attempted to arrest him for helping his
twin brother escape Czechoslovakia. He had to immediately fl ee without a
farewell to his family or his fi rst true love.
As a young man, he performed espionage missions against the communists.
On one of these missions, he was shot and captured by the Czech
border police. He spent the next several years in communist prison and
labor camps.
Eventually, Julius escapes the labor camps and fl ees into Germany where
he joins with a new unit of the US Army called the Green Berets.
Julius’ compelling story tells about wartime hardships and how he somehow
managed to cheat death so many times. His story reveals the good in people
and of the wonderful friendships that helped him to survive.
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