Suicidal Maniacs and the Lady of Shalott
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“These twenty-something people now come into adult life
with an amazing critical awareness, an ethical sense,”
Morris observes, “and all kinds of factual knowledge
and stories, more than any library imaginable, available on their
smartphones. Th ey know they have that access. Th at’s old now. Th ey
can take that much for granted and do. What are they going to do with
all that info? What’s that story? Th is is a story about that story. Th at’s
where I’m going with Suicidal Maniacs. Th e daughter’s story is nothing
like the mother’s. With their family of fi ve shrunk to the two of them,
the dyad must split apart, and it’s a bit like splitting an atom. Th e
energy released can be explosive, though more vital than deadly.”
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781479716586
List price: $9.99
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