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People Are Dumb is a humorous contemporary approach to evaluating social problems in the world. The author’s views on areas such as politics, education, religion, prejudice, and the danger of ignorance, are dilligently expressed with a realistic tone and demeanor. People Are Dumb was initially written as a personal journal under the author’s pretense that the best way to reach his audience is by making the material personal, so that it can be applied to practical use. Some of the other subjects that are discussed throughout the book are history, science, philosophy, addiction, sex, and psychology. Author Alex P. Hewing emphasizes leaving no single thought unwritten in the hopes that the journey through his thoughts will leave his readers both entertained and enlightened.

From the Author:

My book has been called many things:
-and the definition of satire and caustic wit

In truth, it’s all of those things. I share my own opinions about several areas of social problems such as sex, psychology, racism, prejudice, religion, politics, genocide, education, and ignorance, supported by my own research. But I’ll let you decide.
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ISBN: 9781475959611
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