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Oh Lord
I need you in my life more than ever before..
Lord I need your help, to keep the demons away from me…
They won’t let me be..
They know my weakness “ that’s not good”..
I guess that’s why I feel so useless..
Lord I need your help to keep me from thinking about my past..
My past is my worst nightmare..
I cant seem to get rid of it..
I feel like I pushed myself over the limit..
My nerves are shot..
My heart just wont stop..
Lord these demons got me feeling like I’m on a marry-go-round” just cant stop”..
They are pulling me from left to right…
I already losing my eye sight..
They’re pulling from front to back..
But lord I know, through all this your over me waiting for them to attack..
Lord you kept me up so far..
PLEASE don’t let me end up dead or behind bars..
In jesus name
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781462884469
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