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On The Edge Of Heat is reckless tale packed with luxury lifestyles, expensive secrets, and mansions
filled with drama.

The Morton’s…
Charles Morton nearly spins out of control when he finds himself in the center of a love triangle.
He loves his wife Nicole, and even treasures her being, but half of his heart belongs to his high
school sweetheart, turned mistress, Stephanie Jones. The other half of him is still and always
will be with his adored fiancée, the late, Paris Sinclair. Paris was killed instantly in a tragic
automobile accident when her car spun out of control and dove off of a cliff several years prior.
Since the fatal crash, Charles continues to search for answers as he morns her untimely death.
His life takes a turn when he comes face-to-face with her (Or does he?) Charles doesn’t know
exactly what to think after he discovers it was Paris’ late model sedan that was fished from the
bottom of the mountain it plunged off of, but it wasn’t her body that was found scorched inside.
Charles becomes perplexed as Nicole, Paris, and Stephanie go to war over his love with Paris
proclaiming she is back in Los Angeles to retrieve the life she sped away from, and the man she
left almost at the altar, by any means necessary! Charles’ uncertainties mount and future becomes
jaded after he is thrust into a world wind of confusion. As time goes on, this horrid saga starts to
unravel when a mystifying homicide sweeps one of them out of Charles’ life forever, as the next one
confesses her undying love for him in front of God, and thirty-five hundred guest in holy matrimony,
all while the other hangs in the balance until his firstborn is securely awaiting in her womb.

The Kennedy’s…
Alexis Kennedy falls in love with the man she believes she will spend the rest of her life with.
Maxwell Storm was charming, tall, strong, extremely handsome, and the love of her life, but, she
is totally oblivious as to whom this man really is. Maxwell haunted Alexis - she was his prey, and
he wasn’t going to let her out of his catch until his job was done. He was more than just her lover;
he was payback! Payback for a mistake her father, Macmillan, committed twenty-four years earlier.
When Macmillan becomes aware of whom the love of Alexis’ life actually is, he does everything in
his power to save his family along with his daughters’ sanity, but it was too late. The damage was done!
Maxwell had already stripped Alexis of her innocence, and made sure her heart came along for the
ride. When her pregnancy test results reads “positive,” life, as the Kennedy’s knew it, changed forever.
Paige Ross decided it was time to teach her cheating man, Desmond, a final lesson in love after
years of dramatic, unsuccessful attempts to pry him from the grips of other women. His last
act of infidelity proved, by her silent raged filled fury, to be all Paige could take. She wanted
to hurt him; he had to suffer just as much as she was, and had been for many years, so she
climbs in bed with his brother, Malcolm, hoping Desmond catches them in the act of passion.
Her life suddenly starts to spiral when her test results reveal that her night of forced passion with
the wrong man will bring her a lifetime full of pain.
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ISBN: 9781456865757
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