This is the true story of a little child called Patrick, who was one of five little brothers that came through, what seemed like a strange world full of bombs dropping, causing big fires and total destruction on a massive scale, every morning I would wake up to see new Wendy houses to play in not realizing someone lived there the day before, and the houses were still burning it was nice and warm, food was so scarce it was rationed so much so we had a plot of land where the family tried to grow our own food, sweets and fruit I did not see until I was 14yrs old, as for toy’s well you just made your own if you could, what the war failed to do was any damage to Manchester folks “wicked sense of humour”, that’s why to me they will always be the salt of the earth and I should know I am one of them.
There is an old saying, you can take the child out of Manchester, but you will never take Manchester out of the child.
The best way to give you an understanding about the war is this, if you can imagine that almost every single nation on this planet was involved in the fighting for 6 long years, with the exception of Spain Switzerland & Sweden who were neutral.
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