The Lie That Is Lincoln
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This book describes the unnecessary actions of Abraham Lincoln in causing and
pursuing the greatest American crime of the nineteenth century, the American Civil
war and secondly its cover-up by his cabinet and all the sycophantic historians following.

My extensive reading on the Civil War and visiting the Gettysburg battlefield
left me aghast as to the number of soldiers, the cream of. American manhood, were sacrificed
and wasted upon the numerous battlefields••••• 600,000 plus, more dead than all
American wars combined. Yet historians pass this off as justifiable homicide, and a small
price to pay to achieve freedom for four million slaves. To me this is sheer blasphemy!

According to 'the philosophical principles espoused by Jean Jacques Rousseau, John
Locke, Thomas Hobbes etc., the Thirteen Colonies claimed their natural right to declare
their independence fro. the Mother Country, Britain. and establish their own right to
self-determination. The Declaration of Independence, beginning "When in the Course of
human Events, it becomes necessary for one People t() dissolve the Political Bands which
have connected the. with another" etc., says it all. (Interestingly Texas used almost
identical language in their declaration to be free from Mexico.) But men the South had
the audacity to declare these same fundamental rights an enraged Lincoln denied it to
them thereby plunging the nation in the worst case of fratricide the world has ever known
through his scorched-earth policy. Using the clever battle-cry. "The Nation must be preserved"
he convinced the Nation as to the urgency of crushing the South.
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