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A collection of short stories from new author Debra J. Vaughn, Garden Lessons: Listening for God’s Voice will delight the reader with its personal and profound observations. Whether pondering plants, squirrels, butterflies or birds, all nature provides Debra with fresh perspectives on Biblical principles. As she listens for God’s voice and shares what she’s learned, the author invites you to come and meet with God in His Creation. A result of journaling over the course of several years, these lessons of encouragement and hope were refined in order to share them with groups to whom Debra was asked to speak. From single parents to mothers of disabled children to Bible study groups, Debra’s Garden Lessons became a favorite to all who heard them. Now compiled in book form with lovely pictures to inspire, Garden Lessons: Listening for God’s Voice can be read, remembered and shared with others for years to come.
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