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Ravenwood is a place where the emerald magic never ends and also where Topper, a black-and-white cat, is learning most of the important values in life. Topper once lived a comfortable existence with his human owner, but when she died in a car accident, Topper was forced to embark on a lonesome and dangerous journey through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Now, as Topper creeps along the forest floor and forages for food, he realizes he has a lot to learn about survival.
It is not long before Topper makes friends with Sidekick, a Columbian black-tailed deer, who teaches him how to coexist peacefully with the other forest animals. As they embark on a journey that takes them from the mountains to the ocean and from forest fires to terrifying encounters with hunters, Topper faces many challenges that test his courage, capacity to love, and ability to move on after great loss. As his fortitude is tested over and over again, Topper matures into a wise animal who slowly learns to rely on himself.
In this uplifting story, a cat discovers that of all of his life lessons, the greatest gift he has ever been given is the ability to love.
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ISBN: 9781475934786
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