Whispers From a Quiet Heart
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WHISPERS FROM A QUIET HEART………Belongs to parents, adult and child; it is not a tutorial, it encourages and expounds love, awareness and wellbeing. A compilation that is somber, inspirational, educational, cultural, historical, provocative and humorous. This book -should be a part of all family gatherings, whether at work, home or school, on vacation or just sitting alone or in group. Everyone is encouraged to read these articles aloud so others hear, there are parts that some may play; it is the right thing for your glove compartment, nightstand, handbag, purse or workbag, no library should be without a copy. You will want to read over and over again. Every time you get a chance...
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466968264
List price: $3.99
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