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The Lizzard of Ozz is a rollicking satire of Washington DC, the Federal Government and the Military-Industrial Complex. Think of it as The Marx Brothers go to Washington DC. Eric Blair comes back from a job interview for a job he doesn’t want, gets drunk, falls off a bar stool, knocks himself out and has a dream. Sound familiar? He trades places with the presidents’ son, meets the President and First Lady, gets chased by a gold-digger, meets the evil Secretary of Agriculture, falls in love, goes to the Pentagon, meets the evil Secretary of Defense, announces for president, goes to a hippie wedding, meets the evil Secretary of Health and Human Services, gets chased by all of them through a theater and brewery and winds up back in the Oval Office for a cat fight. He gets knocked out again and wakes up in a hospital. And there is a surprise ending. Enjoy.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781479701216
List price: $9.99
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