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The story takes us back to the early days of the American Revolution when the war was not going well for the Americans. After the fall of Long Island to the British and their occupation of New York City, the Culper Spy Ring was organized by a group of Americans living in New York City. The spy ring was known only to handful of trusted Americans, including General George Washington.
My story is a fictional account of three events during the war, the placement of cannons on Dorchester Heights overlooking Boston Harbor, the saving of West Point from the traitor, Benedict Arnold, and the Battle of Trenton. These real historical events are the background for five kids coming of age during the Revolution. In addition to serving the cause for freedom, by joining the Junior Culper Spy Ring, they’re also discovering who they are while making their way through a world that’s changing around them. They discover beauty in a world being torn apart by war.
They come to realize family and friends are even more important during times of great stress, uncertainty, and danger. Their bravery, support, and love for each other help turn the tide of war in their favor. It’s only through their ability to trust each other they’re able to overcome the challenges confronting them. In the end, it’s a story about dedication, personal growth, and love.
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