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Invention, research, and a thirst for progress fueled the academic
environments of the Victorian world. In this story, a scientist has moved
to the mountains of Colorado in order to discover a feature of silver that
would allow it to recover from both the bimetallism decisions and the
value-crushing Coinage Act of 1873. Our scientist, Nathan, is confi dent
that a careful application of pure silver (among other elements) will allow
him to capture and analyze a human soul. When his experiments reach
a crescendo, and his wife’s life is at stake, Nathan fi nds himself quite
unprepared for the outcome. An ancient earth-spirit waits nearby to add
to his consternation.
A century later, two sisters come to the depleted mining town (now a
barely-thriving tourist town) in the hopes of owning and running a bed and
breakfast. The house they choose used to belong to our intrepid scientist.
They chose it specifi cally because it was rumored to be haunted. They had
no idea just how haunted it would turn out to be.
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