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Medical Domino Effect
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This book is about Julia Grove who sued her gynecologist for permanently closing the door on her to ever becoming a mother on a misdiagnosis. Based on a true story. Names of people and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Julia Grove did not have any law training, yet decided to sue the doctor who did this to her. The book explains her journey through the Supreme Court of Canada and Court of Appeals. Also, how she did this without paying a malpractise lawyer and won. Included are court transcripts of the doctor cross-examined under oath by his lawyer, by Julia Grove, and the Trial Judge. The right to bear child, when a woman has arthritis, is the main point of sharing this very private and personal tragedy. So other families can become aware that they can protect themselves through knowledge on how the medical system works. If this helps even one person or
family, then it was worth publishing it.
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Medical Domino Effect - Julia Grove

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