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The Silver Lion
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A deceptively demure beauty. A man of such breathtaking appeal that women compare him to the angels. Can their sensual attraction overcome a veil of secrets that links her to his bitter enemy?

Book Three of Lynn Kerstan’s elegant trio of Regency historicals.

Miss Helena Pryce continues her journey through Regency society as an intriguing, modest, and respectable mystery. Confident servant, dutiful secretary, or something far less tame? Her confidence only seems to waiver in the presence of Lord Varden, a worldly bachelor who astounds his vivacious female relatives by deciding to settle down. He’ll marry within the next year. And his intended? The amusingly unsuitable Miss Pryce. She just doesn’t know it.
Can a lowly secretary marry an Earl? And what of his notoriously unpredictable affections? Can she overlook the propriety of society to find her heart’s true desire?
Varden finds himself in quite the predicament when his unlikely temptress insists they avoid romantic entanglements and, instead, find the missing Duke of Tallant. His sworn enemy, the man who took away his only love. Why does Miss Pryce insist he resolve that old animosity before she’ll consider becoming his wife?
Can the two of them move on from past secrets to see a future together?

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The Silver Lion

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